LEARN (Learning Enrichment & Academic Resources Network) is a non-profit educational agency focused on securing resources that will encourage a culture of learning for students and their families in an effort to increase post secondary options for students.

LEARN aims to provide resources that help to increase college knowledge through its GEAR UP Keys to College Program for both students and parents. Resources include a complete K-8 college access curriculum. Students take part in grade appropriate curriculum designed to have them identify their early interests and to begin to create a road map to developing next steps along their journey to college. In addition, services are offered around parent education and leadership development to help parents become better informed advocates of their children’s future goals. Finally LEARN provides services such as faculty facilitations to help create consensus around more focused strategic delivery of resources to students. Finally, through LEARN’s GEAR UP Program, services are offered around college visits, SAT/ACT test preps, college advising and youth leadership development. A concerted effort is made to encourage and support post-secondary options through all of LEARN’s program offerings.

Core Values

  • To foster the belief that all children can learn through constant support and guidance of LEARN staff, strategic partners, children and their families.
  • Provide quality programming through proven strategies to keep students interested in school as active learners through high school and beyond.
  • To provide clearly specified benchmarks of success to achieve the highest quality of programming for students and families.
  • To provide a personalized and caring learning environment for students, parents and faculty to interact in.
  • To support rigorous and meaningful instruction for all students with applicable connections to the real world.