Seriously, ASPIRE has changed my life. I love ASPIRE because it has helped me become more social, more active, and helped me get better grades.

Megan Divinagracia Rio Hondo School 8th Grade Student June 4, 2015

I really like LEARN’s KidsPlay program because my daughter learns the importance of team skills.

Christine Waldron Parent June 4, 2015

LEARN has provided the best academic support we could possibly give to our students.

Jeff Seymour Former Superintendent, El Monte City School District June 4, 2015

LEARN’s ASPIRE program has been a great resource for my students because they help students build essential academic skills, and provide enrichment activities that will help them be successful in the future.

Cathy Reyes Frank Wright Elementary School , 6th Grade Teacher June 4, 2015

I’ve worked with different after school programs in the past, but right away I got the sense that LEARN was about something different.

Brian Bettger Principal June 4, 2015

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