Encouraging a Culture of Learning


Encouraging a Culture of Learning

LEARN is a non-profit educational agency working to encourage a culture of learning by securing and providing resources to students and families in areas of need.

LEARN Services

College-Career Readiness

Academic Assistance & Enrichment

Leadership & Life Skills Development

Youth Sports & Recreation

Parent Education & Empowerment

School-Based Facilitation & Consensus-Building

Our Core Values

  • Foster the belief that all children can learn
  • Provide quality programming through proven strategies
  • Provide clearly specified benchmarks of success
  • Provide a personalized and caring learning environment
  • Support rigorous and meaningful instruction


LEARN By the Numbers

high school youths impacted daily

K-8 youths impacted daily

354 staff trained in youth development

LEARN utilizes the Capturing Kids Hearts Model, which holds as one of its tenets that
If you capture a kids heart, then you capture their mind.

6,219 youths increased their college knowledge

parents empowered this year

youths engaged in gender-specific sports

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