ASPIRE Kindergarten Program

ASPIRE Kindergarten Program

El Monte City School District Partners with LEARN to Launch Full-Day Kindergarten and TK Program

El Monte City School District has partnered with LEARN to expand the free ASPIRE after school program for Kindergarten at all 14 school sites. This after-school partnership will allow current half-day TK and Kindergarten programs to be expanded to offer Kindergarten students a full day of learning through 6:00pm. The full-day schedule will begin in Fall 2016 and available to all El Monte City School District students.

The ASPIRE Kindergarten program prepares students for a full day of learning through active engagement in activities after ending their school day. The Kindergarten Program will compliment & enhance the school district’s curriculum and build upon the skills students develop in the kindergarten classroom by reinforcing those skills during fun, educational activities developed by certified teachers. The experienced ASPIRE Kindergarten Instructional Leader will use a “learning center” approach that allows children to explore a theme through teacher-designed centers which may focus on math, science, art, or writing. Children will move from center to center during the day, encouraging the development of independence, self-motivation and curiosity.

Registration for El Monte City School District Kindergarten and TK for Fall 2016 is now open and will include an application for the ASPIRE Kindergarten Program. Please visit the El Monte City School District office or any school site in the district for complete enrollment and registration information.

How do I enroll my child in the ASPIRE Full-Day Kindergarten Program?

  1. Enroll your child in one of the El Monte City School District schools in order to be eligible for the ASPIRE Full-Day Kindergarten Program. For information on how to enroll your child in the El Monte City School District, please go to
  2. Complete an ASPIRE Program Registration form online here or pick-up a paper registration form at any school office within El Monte City School District.
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