LEARN hosted it’s annual Community Event on November 30, 2016 at Whittier College to celebrate a local Teacher of the Year and to honor five outstanding leaders from the local communities served by LEARN.  Michael Moore, Whittier Union High School District’s Teacher of the Year for 2016-17, was the Keynote Speaker discussing “The Art of Teaching.”
Mr. Moore has been an English teacher for 38 years, 27 of those years being at Pioneer High School.  Having graduated from Whittier High School in 1970, Mr. Moore first taught at a private Catholic school before beginning his career at Pioneer High School in 1990.   As an English teacher, Mr. Moore’s goal is to deepen his students understanding of literature and to inspire his fellow educators to “think outside the box” when reaching out to their students.
Mr. Moore always knew he wanted to be a teacher and he began in the second grade by teaching a 6-year-old neighbor punctuation marks as they sat on a curb, which he had learned earlier that day.  “I was excited for her, and my love for teaching started literally in the gutter,” Mr. Moore said.
Although his teaching style is “old-school,” he has developed skills and modified his teaching strategies to conform to the needs of his students.  Mr. Moore is not only passionate about teaching, but he aspires for each of his students to become empowered in their education and to reach high for their goals.