LEARN’s tutoring program is high quality, research-based, and specially designed to increase student academic achievement.  Our proven personalized approach will engage students to help them develop new academic skills and motivate them to thrive.

Our process includes:

– Assessing the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as their attitude about school and learning;
– Creating a personalized Student Learning Plan that involves input from the student’s parents, as well as their school day teacher;
– Teaching by Tutors trained in Capturing Kids Hearts and combining proven, research-based tutoring strategies, digital learning tools and relationship- building practices that will capture students’ minds;
– Measuring and communicating progress on a regular basis to the student, parent and teacher. Parents will receive daily feedback on their child’s progress and the Tutor will collaborate with the student’s teacher at school to ensure that progress is being demonstrated in the classroom.


What Makes LEARN Different?

  • Individualized student attention with a 1:1 tutor to student ratio
  • Staff is trained in serving Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners
  • Curriculum is researched-based and aligned with State-adopted academic content standards
  • Regular Progress Reports to Parents
  • LEARN staff collaborates with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the success of the students


    Contact Info

    Sylvia Barragan, Tutoring Program Coordinator
    Phone 1: 562-698-4782
    Phone 2: 562-945-0150
    Email: sylvia@learnla.org